Kerala welcomes Prince Charles and Camilla and The Prince of Wales celebrated 65th birthday in Kerala

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Kerala welcomes Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall


Prince Charles and Camilla

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall meet dancers from the Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum after a performance for the Royal couple in Kochi


Kerala, India- Monday, Prince Charles together with his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall have started their four-day visit to Kerala by taking a first stroll down the rich cultural history of the State, the Kerala Folklore Museum and Theatre at the nearby Thevara.


The museum owners, Jacob and wife Anne George with their two children garlanded the royal couple with the “tika” on their forehead and tour them around the private museum. The museum is then a treasure trove that showcases the very rich heritage of the state. As the royal couple entered the museum, they removed their shoes as they declined taking the lift, but chose to climb the 50-odd wooden steps of the museum’s three-storey structure.

The couples were greeted by Gods, princes and demons as the dancers with their brilliant colored costumes as well as painted faces performed on the short excerpt of the 300-year old legend of Hindu. It has seemed that the royal visitors have become more than impressed with their welcome, with Charles claiming that the performance was somehow “far too short”.


Such performance became the highly of the Royal couple’s tour to the Kerala Folklore Theatre and Museum in Cochin, where the other cultural displays have been staged for the couple, which includes acrobatic wrestling match and martial arts fighting. Such match even had the Duchess of Cornwall flinching at a certain point when a man grabbed his opponent between the legs during the throw. Later, she made some examinations of the costumes and said to the dancer who is playing Jayanta: “That must be hot”. As the pair posed for their official photographs, Charles then jokingly said “This will ruin your reputation.”


The Prince of Wales also visited Western Ghats and showed a very keen interest in the ongoing efforts to preserving the flora and fauna of the place. He paid a visit to the Vazhachal Forest Division in Kerala the day before and spent some time with the officials of the Forest Department, so as with the conservation organization, which includes the WWF-India in order to understand the challenges and issues relating to the protection in the Western Ghats. He made an interaction with the members of the Kadar tribal community in Vazhachal with whom the WWF-India has been working with for three years now.


The Prince of Wales celebrated his 65th birthday at the famous backwaters resort Kumarakom in Kerala. They have celebrated his birthday on a modest scale at the sylvan settings of the Lake Resort, wherein the royal couple has been staying since Tuesday evening. On Wednesday, the pair spent the day relaxing while enjoying the panoramic beauty of the palm-fringe lake. The pair swam in the resort’s pool for an hour. Though the resort’s chefs prepared both of the Western and Kerala delicacies for their distinguished guests, both only ate light for their lunch as well as dinner, preferring tender coconut water and fruits.


On Monday, the couple started their Kerala, leg of the India tour by simply reaching Kochi and visited the Vazhachal waterfalls prior to coming to Kumarakom in the Kottayam district.


On Thursday afternoon, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall will then be flying to Colombo, wherein the prince will be addressing the CHOGM summit.


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