Kerala Backwaters – Kerala Tourism launches new ‘Great Backwaters’ campaign

Date31 Oct, 2013 UserBluereader
The backwaters of Kerala are renowned all over the world for their stunning natural beauty and as an opportunity to indulge in mesmerizing family vacations in the lap of nature. Now Kerala Tourism has decided to up the ante and launch a global campaign to promote these backwaters to lure tourists from around the world. These majestic backwaters of Kerala are now being projected to the global audiences as a once in a lifetime experience on the lines of the Grand Canyon in Colorado and the Great Wall of China. These backwaters have already beaten the Taj Mahal as the preferred tourist destination in India.      The new ad campaign that presents Kerala backwaters as a self contained experience has been shot using most advanced aerial photography. These breathtaking photos and videos have been included in the ad campaign that is all set to be launched all over the internet, especially the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The campaign has been named ‘The Great Backwaters’ and it is one of its only kind as there has

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Visa On Arrival Makes Kerala More Attractive Tourist Destination

Date5 Aug, 2013 UserBluereader
Beginning 15 August, Kerala became the only state in the country to have two airports offering visa on arrival to tourists with this facility in Thiruvananthapuram and Kochi. This facility, called Tourist Visa On Arrival or simply T-VoA will enthuse more foreign tourists to head to this beautiful coastal region of southern India. There will be a 250 sq feet room in the immigration section especially dedicated to deal with tourists who seek visa on arrival and it will be manned by experts from Intelligence Bureau. There will be features like signage, displays, photographing of tourists and foreign exchange counters to make it easier for the international tourists.     Visa on arrival has been at present restricted to tourists from11 countries only. But it has already started to pay rich dividends with Kerala registering arrival of 789698 tourists from abroad in the year 2012 and foreign exchange earnings touching 4500 crore rupees. The Chief Minister of Kerala, Oman Chandy, expressed happiness on this development saying T-VoA will encourage more international tourists to come to Kerala. He inspected the facilities

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