Kerala becomes first Indian state to win top UN Award in Tourism

Kerala is also known as Keralam which is the state on the south of India. This state is on the Malabar Coast and hence a lot of people travel through boats. This state has rich culture and is developing a lot in infrastructure. Due to its geographical position the state has 120 to 140 rainy days per year. The phenomenal growth of the state is encouraging for the tourist and weather conditions are also reliable. Due to the well developing tourism policies and innovation in the field, Kerala has won the award of top state for tourism. It is the first state of India to ever win recognition in the field of tourism. Kerala won the award at the annual United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) ceremony on 22 January in Madrid which is the capital city of Spain. Kerala won its award for innovative “Responsible Tourism” in Kumarakom. The project has linked all the bodies including hospitality industry, local community and government departments. This linking among the bodies has empowered the people which have resulted in sustainable friendly tourism. Last year in March, Kumarakom has also won award for rural tourism and environment. India has made to the list of Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) awards for the first time. Previously Malaysia has won the same award from UNWTO for its policies regarding the tourism and home stay. The policies helped tourism flourish at a much faster pace than any other country. This year India has won the race and marked its presence in the UNWTO awards. The predecessors of the awards were Peru, China and Portugal.


Kerala Tourism

  Kerala becomes first Indian state to win top UN Award in Tourism


UNWTO is the United Nation’s agency for encouraging tourism by acknowledging the countries and states that promote tourism. The awards ceremony showcases the knowledge and innovation in tourism in order to affect the government and related departments for promoting tourism. The projects which meet the code of ethics in tourism are awarded in this ceremony. Awards are given in four basic categories which are enterprises, public policy and governance, research and technology and NGOs. Contributions were also recognized in individual categories.


According to the Kerala tourism minister the local community must be considered as a biggest partner in order to grow in the direction of better tourism. In 2008 the initiative was taken and several bodies were involved in the project of “Responsible tourism”. Initially jobs were created to support the local community so that culture and heritage of the state can be preserved. Development of the local body led to eco friendly tourism in Kerala. Kerala tourism director also thanked all the communities which helped in making Kumarakom a successful initiative. He also gave credit to people who travelled from around the world and visited Kerala.


UNWTO known as United Nations World Tourism Organization has 6 associate members along with 156 member countries. It also has over 400 members as the affiliates belonging to different educational institutions, private sectors, local authorities and tourism associations. UNWTO encourages all the innovation to help the tourism grow in every part of the world.

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