Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary

Shenduruny located in Pathanapuram Taluk, 66 km from Kollam Town on the Kollam - Shencotta Road and boast a wide variety of wildlife and vegetation. The Shenduruny forest declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1984; it covers a total area of 100.32 The sanctuary got its name from the tree named Chenkuruny (gluta travancoria) that are found only in this region. A visit to the sanctuary will also let you witness a wide range of wild animals like Nilgiri Langur, bonnet macaque, barking deer, leopards and many other animals. One can also see various species of birds that migrate to this place for nesting and breeding.

The Shenduruny has a rich heritage also. Recent archaeological investigations have revealed that, Shenduruny was the cradle of one of the oldest River Valley Civilizations in India - even older than Indus Valley which is believed to have flourished from 4400 to 3700 BC. Remains of the Stone Age Culture belonging to the Mesolithic period, dating back to 5210 - 4420 BC, have been excavated from a large cave at the northwestern part of the Shenduruny River. The Cave, which is large enough to hold 20 people at a time, has paintings similar to the Mesolithic paintings found in the caves of central India.

A big dam known as the Parappar Dam is built across the rivers of Kulathupuzha and Shenduruny. The dam leads to the formation of an artificial lake at central region of Shenduruni Wildlife Sanctuary. Boating in the reservoir and trekking are the main activities permitted. The Dharbhakulam trail, Kallar trail and Kuttilappara-Choodal bird watching trail are the three ecotourism packages offered here. This will give you glimpses of the rich flora and fauna present here.