Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary

Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary located 50 km northeast of Thiruvananthapuram city in Kerala. This wildlife sanctuary is spread over an area of 53 sq. km. on the Western Ghats and was established in 1983. Sanctuary is composed of the dense forests and the Peppara dam built on the Karamana River. Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary is merged partially with the Palode reserve (24sq.kms) and the Kottoor reserve (29sq.kms); all the three together forming the whole of the area covered by the Peppara Wildlife Sanctuary.

One can find an amazing variety of wildlife in this sanctuary. Peppara National Park is the natural habitat of tiger, panther, wild dog, elephant, gaur, mouse deer, Nilgiri langur, sambhar, lion tailed macaque, barking deer, wild boar, Malabar squirrel etc. Birdlife of the sanctuary is also prolific. The bird species include the water birds like darter, little cormorant, pied king fisher and egrets. A wide variety of species of snakes including the king cobra and python are also found in this reserve. The Peppara National Park is also well known for its extensive variety of moth and butterflies. In addition to the wildlife, 13 tribal settlements are also found in the Peppara National Park.