Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most famous India wildlife sanctuaries span over a total area of 285 sq. kms. Parambikulam sanctuary is the most protected ecological piece of Anamalai sub unit of Western Ghats, surrounded on all sides by protected areas and sanctuaries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, Parambikulam National Park is endowed with a peninsular flora and fauna which are excellently conserved due to total protection and minimal human interferences. This is a main wildlife tours destination in India for the tourists who love to see nature at its best. The two mountain ranges surrounding the wildlife sanctuary gives it an edge over most other when it comes to a combination all the very best of nature.

The Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is also blessed with a large collection of herbs, shrubs, trees and climbers. The rich vegetation in this locality makes it one of the most prolific places to visit. There are also manu birds, reptiles and many other kinds of animals that make the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary a unavoidable place for all nature lovers.

Western Ghats is one of the world’s 34 bio diversity hotspots. While considering the abundance of Wildlife and the adorable beauty of nature, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is perhaps the most attractive piece of wilderness in the entire stretch of Western Ghats. Thus it is popularly revered as ‘Nature’s own abode’.

One of the oldest and largest teak trees in the world, Kannimara about 360 years old, stands in this sanctuary.