Thommankuth Waterfalls

Thommankuth Waterfalls is an another popular waterfalls in Kerala, located 20 km away from Thodupuzha, one of the major towns in Idukki district of Kerala and 74 km from Cochin. The waterfall here cascades in seven stages, each stage with a pool at the bottom. Amidst verdant foliage, this shimmering waterfall is a perfect place to spend time in the lap of nature. Thommankuthu waterfall tours will allow tourists to savor the wild beauty of forest and stream. If you are a nature lover or an adventure seeker, Thommankuthu is just the right place in Kerala.

This exotic place of Thommankuthu Waterfall destination is congenial for trekking or mountain climbing. Tourists looking for adventure can trek the mountain, which is around 12 km of climbing. Tourists can also enjoy boating on the lake. Fishing and horse riding are other options available in this pleasant valley of Thommankuthu waterfall destination.