Kollam Houseboats

Kollam is a picturesque coastal district and a famous ancient port town of Kerala. Kollam is referred to as the gateway to Kerala backwaters. Kollam backwaters attract thousands of tourists from all over the world. Kollam is known for its exceptionally beautiful backwaters, lush tropical vegetations and the famous Ashtamudi Lake, which covers over 30% area of this historic town of Kerala.

Kollam is renowned for its cashew industry and used to be an important trade center during old days. Kollam also has a number of historical monuments and ancient ruins that give a mystical essence to this quiet little town. Kollam backwaters are best explored on traditional Kerala houseboats. Beautiful backwaters of Kollam, which extend from the Ashtamudi Lake, offer a perfect destination to enjoy a houseboat cruising in Kollam. Houseboat ride from Kollam to Alappuzha takes 8 hours and is a delightful ride, which passes through lakes, canals and water-bound villages. Kollam houseboat tours are the great way to observe nature flourishing in its best form here. The famous "Cheenavala" or Chinese fishing nets can also be seen along the backwaters with lotuses and water lilies growing in the water, water birds calling from the banks and otters splashing and playing in the water. Also there are small restaurants lined up on the shores where you can stop and have a taste of local cuisine. On your Kollam houseboats tour, you can also visit the famous tourist attractions of Kollam includes Sasthamkotta fresh water lake, Thirumullavaram beach, Subramanya temple, Rameshwara temple and other tour sites.