Kappil Houseboats

Kappil located 6 km north of Varkala. Kappil is a convergence of the sea, river and the backwater; this secluded, picturesque spot is worth the visit. Kerala is internationally famous for its breathtaking backwaters and houseboat tours. A Kappil backwater is a popular spot for houseboat tours in Kerala. While exploring backwaters of Kerala on houseboats you will have wonderful opportunity to see the exceptional beauty of nature by close. Also Kappil beach is a stunning beach in Kerala. Kappil Beach is very clean, moderately shallow and attracts many tourists as it provides them with opportunities of swimming and sunbathing. The kodi cliff nearby offers a panoramic view of the arabian sea. The people traveling in trains and buses through the area can enjoy the scenic beauty of the estuary in between Edava and Kappil. This amiable spot is considered as one of the leading touristís destination in Kerala. The nearest Railway Station is Kasaragod; about 12 km while the nearest Airport is Mangalore, about 50 km from Kasaragod town. Kerala backwater tours provide you a truly pleasant experience that will last for lifetime.