Vythiri Hill Station

Vythiri is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Kerala located about 100 km from Wayanad District. This beautiful rocky land Vythiri is situated at 1300m above the sea level and surrounded by Western Ghats. Vythiri is beautiful during monsoons as it enhances the charm of the Western Ghats. So the ideal season to visit Vythiri is the rainy season commencing from May up to September. Vythiri hills are the perfect place for trekking, mountains climbing and river rafting. There are trainers who guide tourists for the safe ride.

Vythiri gives an opportunity to explore the tranquil beauty of nature and its encompassing beauty. One of the main attractions for the tourists visiting Vythiri is tree houses, houses built on trees above 90 ft from the ground in the tropical rainforest providing picturesque view of the valley. You can spend a long time just sitting in your lounge on the balcony, experiencing one of the most privileged views in the rainforest, especially at sunset. Vythiri hill station also has a renowned wildlife sanctuary and the serene ambience is sometimes interrupted by the resonating sound of wild animals and birds. Vythiri hill station situated far from the dirt and grime of the city, place will surly rejuvenates your tired senses.