Devikulam Hill Station

Devikulam hill station in Kerala located 16 km from Munnar at height of 1800 m above sea level, Munnar locales are famous for its breath-taking and scenic spots. Devikulam hill station should be one of the most important places to visit in your Munnar trip. The crisp and cool mountain airs are heavily laden with the fragrance of wild flowers and rare herbs is any nature lover's paradise. Devikulam means the lake of the goddess, derived its name from the goddess Sita. Right in the heart of this landscape there is one small lake with crystal clear water. Take a dip in the cool waters of this lake, which is known as Sita Devi Lake. This lake is a popular scenic spot of Devikulam. Devikulam hill station is applauded for its luxuriant flora and fauna. The hill station has a paradise like feel to it and nature blooms in its best form here. Nothing can beat the experience of taking a walk in the early morning mist along the softly gushing waterfalls that cascade from steep heights. All this creates a magical atmosphere to the place and adds to the romantic beauty here. The uneven bends and undulating hills provide adventurous moments as one can go trekking, rock climbing or simply take a long walk along the narrow roads of the hills.