Rhodovalley Ecotourism

Rhodovalley- A Good Place To Camp In

Rhodovalley has been named such, for the reason that it has a profusion of rhododendrons being originated here is simply one of the best places in the Munnar hills. There is also the beautiful shoal-grasslands of the plateau named as “Silent Valley’ in the Munnar at about 2,000 meters of altitudes. It even shelters the extremely rare classes of wildlife and serves to be the best place for the adventures.

The best way for one to enjoy the landscape is to go for some trekking adventures through different trails crisscrossing the mountain paths. The cool mountain air, streams that are gushing, the grasslands as well as the always blooming rhododendrons simply adds up to the best of the experience. Moreover, the packages for the Rhodovalley ecotourism are simply based upon the fixed tariffs. The program is also free for those kids who are under 5 years of age. If you would like to go for trekking, then you can start at Silent Valley, as the trek simply halts at Rhododendron Valley Camp.