Periyar Ecotourism

Periyar’s Best of Ecotourism

Periyar is one of the eco-tourism destinations with the best of wildlife preserve in the South-central part of Kerala state, South India. The refuge has been noted for the herds of Asian elephants, with up to 50 members. Apart from those, there are also bonnet monkeys, langurs, sloth bears, porcupine, nilgai or Indian antelope, leopards, gray jungle fowl, Indian horn bills, Southern grackles and kingfishers are found in this preserve.

Expanding over a certain area of 297 miles, this asylum covers up the Periyar Lake, produced in the early 1900s by just locking away the Periyar River and is also located nearby the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border for approximately 73 miles south part of Ernakulam and it is 170 miles north of Thiruvananthapuram. At the altitude of about 5000 feet, its hilly topography then produces a Lakeshore differed by a lot of numerous creeks, bays as well as outcrops. The vegetable cover is also sultry evergreen and is covered with the patches of dense forest that mainly includes teak, kokam, jackfruit and trees producing dark purple, and plum-like fruit. These days,most of the pampas is now planted with eucalyptus.