Peppara National Park

Peppara National Park for the best Ecotourism

Peppara is a fascinating place for the place’s dam site, thick woodland areas, crystal clear stream, eucalyptus agricultural estate as well as the rocky terrains that is ideal for the adventure journey. This haven is a home for tropical, deciduous and evergreen forests. The Peppara National Park also serves as a natural home for the panthers, tigers, elephant, wild dogs, mouse deer, elephant, sambhar, barking deer, Malabar squirrel, and many more.

There are about 13 tribal settlements that you can find in the Wildlife Sanctuary of Peppara. The tribes actually have its fascinating culture being untouched by the contemporary life lively outside the sanctuary itself. There are three major belts of forest being typified by the Flora of the National Park. These are actually the hilltop tropical in the southern evergreen forests occurring mostly in the hills with the altitude of above 100m, west coast semi-evergreen forests being established atop the hills with a height of 150 up to 1050 meters and the southern most being mixed with deciduous forests being found in the lower angles of the hills covering more than 60% of the place itself.