Parambikulam Ecotourism

The Best Of Nature From Parambikulam

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is a place tucked away in the valley in between the Tamil Naduís Anamalai ranges of Kerala. The sanctuary is spread around 277 sq km, and serves as a haven of tranquil greenery with the first ever scientifically handled plantation of teak and the oldest and tallest teak tree in the world.

Presented with rich flora and Fauna, this place serves as the haven for the wildlife enthusiasts. A whole lot of wildlife animals like sambar, deer, gaur roam, macaques, king cobras, loris, a royal Bengal tiger, cane turtle, Nilgiri Maryenand more could be found in this place. There are also about 250 birds that can be found in this place. There are grey and great pied hornbills together with the Peninsular Bay owls. The sanctuary also has one of the best floral diversity, making it to be the best ecotourism destinations in Kerala. There has been 285 species of endemic, endangered and rare flora and thousands of 1320 species of flowering plants. It also includes about 70 species of orchids, 50 endangered medicinal or herbal plans and it simply makes it a good place for the the lovers of mother earth.