Palaruvi Ecotourism

Palaruvi- Getting Through Dense and Tropical Forests

Palaruvi is a slender water thread that hurtles down from the height of approximately 300 feet. Located upon 75 kilometers from the Kollam town on the roads of Kollam and Shencottai, this place was then becoming a retreat for the Maharajas of Travancore. Palaruvi that means the stream of milk simply collects a little pool, wherein visitors are allowed of taking a dip. The remnants of the yesteryear grandeur in mandapams form as well as stability could also be seen there. In order for you to get to the falls, you should trek throughout the narrow paths running throughout the woods.

As it is covered with the tropical and dense forests, the scenic beauty of the place is being enhanced by hills, cascades as well as valleys, and they are all breathtaking. The adored picnic area, the Palaruvi falls is being administered by the confined society and is also visited after the summer months. Apart from dipping in the pleasant waterfall, trekking is simply the key activity one could do at Palaruvi that simply attracts lots of tourists.