Konni Ecotourism

Konni All Through The Years

Konni is a forested village situated upon the banks of Achankovil River in the Pathanamthitta District and has a very long, yet rich history of the man-forest interface. Networked by many rivulets and streams as well as a vast expanse of Western Ghats, this place is being renowned for its wide training center for Elephants, which happens to be the oldest kind within India.

As one of the first forests being reserved in the state, Konni have been inhabited by the aboriginals. As a place of rich and vibrant biodiversity, this land has been constituted into the forest reserves of Achankovil and Konni respectively in the year 1897 and 1901. The forested track at this location simply gives out the perfect environment and climate for the sustenance and development of flora and fauna. You could find hundreds of species of medicinal herbs and animals like tiger, lion, bear and more.