Gavi Ecotourism

Adventure Packed Expedition To Gavi

If you consider getting to Gavi, the road will actually lead you into the blanket of tea plantations. A jeep ride of two-hours will simply take you to the valleys, hills, grasslands, forests, plantations and cardamom. With about 300 species of birds, Gavi serves as the haven for the bird watchers. Along the way are the reservoir of the Pamba, reserve forest large tract of the reserve forests. Thus, the chances of getting into some of the wild-lives would be terrific.

When it comes to the wildlife species, you are able to find the Nilgiri Tahr, Lion tailed macaque and more of the endangered species. Developed upon the exclusive ecotourism project, Gavi is then listed as one of the places and ecotourism destinations in Kerala that everyone must see. The active involvement of the tribal simply makes this place the best in the country.

The visitors to Gavi could simply indulge in terms of trekking, bird as well as animal watching, canoeing or boating in the crystal clear Reservoir water. Gavi also has the treasure trove of different birds for all of the avian enthusiasts.