Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary

Get The Best From Chimmini

Wildlife Sanctuary of Chimmini spans an area of about 85 square kilometers upon the western Nelliyampathy slopes. This sanctuary simply gives out an exciting knowledge for the nature lovers. Established in the year 1984, the part of Chimmini simply lies to be adjacent to the wildlife sanctuary of the Peechi-Vazhani, as well as the other element is also next to the Parambikulam Sanctuary. The dense forest also dotted with the rivers and streams being enhanced to the innumerable trails of trekking along the sanctuary.

Moreover, encompassing the mixture of tropical evergreen, moist and evergreen forests, the lush surroundings simply give out the best of habitat for the flowering plants, butterflies, birds as well as wildlife. Camping and trekking in the wild part of Chimmini gives out a good bonanza for the avid lovers of birds and animals and the mother nature, as a whole. If you think you need some adventures, you can always go for expeditions like trekking and bamboo rafting that you will definitely love to do.