Arippa Ecotourism

Knowing More About Arippa

Arippa is a place located in the northern part of Thiruvananthapuram municipality down the highway of Shencottai State and Thiruvananthapuram. Arippa simply have about 1,000 hectares of the plantation in the compact forest area. Forested highlands of the Western part of Ghats simply enclosed this belt. It also offers calm as well as a passive purpose for the tourists in the middle of the forests milieu. This Kerala ecotourism place is known for its different bird species as well as wildlife, that is mainly renowned for the bird watchers.

Moreover, the ecotourism packages one could find in Arippa could be the short treks, wildlife or bird watching, visiting to nearby tribal settlement, camping outdoors, camping in the jungle and many more. The programs are actually operated hectares of forest plantation in by the tribes through the tribal settlement and they would also be the one to serve you as the guides on the place. There’s just lots of things you can do in this best ecotourism destination in Kerala.