Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

Knowing More About Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary

The peaceful wildlife sanctuary of Aralam is placed into the southeastern part of Kerala’s Kannur District. It is spread over 55 sq km, this haven simply falls in the revenue villages of Kelakam, Kottiyur and Aralam. It is also located upon the slopes of West Ghats neighboring the forests of Kodagu district of Karnarataka.

Moreover, Aralam comes with most of the wildlife sanctuary in Kerala and serves as a home for many different species of animals, birds, and plant. Moreover, the headquarters of the sanctuary is also near the Iritty, which is a small town of about 55 kilometers from the Kannur. This haven simply adjoins about 3060 hectares of the Central State Farm at Aralam. The altitude also ranges from about 60 meters lower to the heigh of 1489 meters. Cheenkanni Puzha is also the main source of water in this place and offers scenic beauty that simply completes the whole of Aralam. The terrain of the Sanctuary is being rugged in most of the places with the hillocks. Katti Betta is also the tallest peak that scales at about 1, 145 meters high. It’s hilly terrains gives great chances for the lovers of trekking.