Poovar Beach

Poovar Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches in Kerala located approximately 45 min drive away from Kovalam. Poovar is one among the natural wonders where the Lake, River, Sea and Beach meet the land. Poovar Beach is considered to be "virgin territory" where you can experience the local charm and traditional Kerala hospitality at its best. This island paradise is one of the leading tourist places in Kerala to relax and unwind in the unmatched peace and silence of this secluded paradise.

Poovar Beach has a different charm as it offers endless miles of sand, wooing the sunrays by swaying palms. Poovar is famous for its gorgeous beach, lush exotic greenery, coconut groves, banana plantations and emerald backwaters. The beauty of this island is further accentuated by a labyrinthine network of lakes, canals, deltas, lagoons, estuaries and rivers crisscrossing its terrain. During the high tide the island is linked to the sea by means of an estuary.

The historical importance of Poovar has its strong ties with the legendary King of the erstwhile Princely State of Travanmcore, the great Marthanda Varma Maharaja. Raja Marthanda Varma (1706 - 1761) was born at a time when the royal power of his family was declining. In fact, the Raja was once outsted from his throne and in exile. But, a strong ruler, Marthanda Varama Maharaja not only regained his lost land but also enlarged his kingdom besides reasserting the royal power during his 29-year rule from 1729 to 1758. And, the success story of the Maharaja had close links with the small and beautiful land of Poovar.

In case you are looking forward to relax and rejuvenate your spirits then Poovar Beach is an ideal place.