Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is a breathtakingly beautiful beach in Kerala, which can't be missed on your holiday, this busiest beach in Kerala situated 16 Km south of Trivandrum city. Kovalam has been a favorite beach destination for tourists, especially Europeans, since 1930s. Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees and truly the coconut trees along the beaches give a ravishing look.

Kovalam is a small town and combination of three semi-circular beaches namely Light House Beach, Hawa Beach and Samudra Beach.

Lighthouse Beach is the most popular beach, located at the southern part of the Kovalam beach. Enjoy the cool sea breeze, blowing from the Arabian Sea and walk barefooted on the soft silver sands of the beach. It offers a spectacular view of the Vizhinzam mosque and its verdant surroundings.

Hawa Beach in Kovalam is another place of interest to spend a pleasant holiday vacation. Here, tourists can see the daily routine of local fishermen. Every morning they set out to sea to catch fishes, which is the main source of their livelihood. Travel to Hawa beach in Kovalam to have a unique and delightful experience that will surely offer you life time memories to be treasured.

Samudra Beach enjoys the tranquil and serene atmosphere, an ideal place for nature lovers. Tourists can relax in the laps of nature while enjoying the soothing surroundings. The Samudra beach in Kovalam is also a perfect destination for sunbathing. Added charm of the beach is its rudimentary wooden fishing vessels.

These popular beach destinations attract vacationers from all over the world. Beach is also a very popular for Kerala honeymoon tours. Newly weds have a wonderful opportunity to indulge in several beach activities and water sports here. Kovalam beach is also perfect destination for relaxation. There are many resorts around Kovalam where tourists can take the rejuvenating Ayurveda massages. There are also Yoga classes conducted at this beach both in the morning and evening. Finally, there are option to take on the eco trails admiring the spectacular beauty of the nature. The best time to enjoy a beach vacation in Kovalam is from October to March, when swimmers, surfers and sun-bathers covers miles after miles and explore its scenic beauty.