Cherai Beach

Cherai Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala located 35 km away from Cochin, Ernakulam. Cherai Beach is among the must see Kerala beaches on your holidays in Kerala. This beach has a unique combination of sea and backwaters rimmed by lush green coconut palms and paddy fields. 15 km long Cherai Beach is the best clean golden beach of Kerala and is rightly called The Princess of the Queen of the Arabian Sea is ideal for swimming, surfing and sunbathing. The newly beautified 400 Meters of the main beach has a walkway and high mask lamps which make the beach enjoyable even at night. The beautiful beach is studded with seashells of various hues and shapes. There is a park for children on the beach. Tourists and visitors can also ride the water-scooter and speedboats, which are available here on rent. Dolphins are occasionally seen here. Also Cherai is well known for the mouth lingering fresh sea food. For all these reason Cherai attracts a considerable number of tourists every year.