Thiruvallam Backwaters

Thiruvallam popular backwater destination in Kerala situated just 6 km from Thiruvananthapuram. Backwaters of Thiruvallam are known for their exceptional scenic charm and an unmatched tranquil ambience. Thiruvallam backwaters promise an unforgettable holiday in Kerala. Two rivers Killi and Karamana that come together at Thiruvallam offer its spectators a breathtaking view.

The backwaters around Thiruvallam are a beautiful sight. The greenery- the lush trees and wet paddy fields, the smell of the moist earth and spicy Keralian cuisine; leave yourself at their mercy, they will take care of your senses at large. Backwater houseboat at Thiruvallam has become a major touristís attraction in the last few years; you can enjoy a comfortable houseboat ride on the beautiful and serene backwaters of Thiruvallam or take an exciting canoe ride to explore the hidden beauties of Thiruvallam backwaters. While passing through the several fishing villages, you may notice how the traditions and old practices are still preserved in these villages of Kerala. Feel the aura of water birds, lotus and water lilies that touches your houseboats as you sail through them. Not far from Thiruvallam is the Veli Lagoon, where you can enjoy the facilities for water sports, a waterfront park and a floating bridge.