Palakkad Fort

Palakkad Fort also known as Tipu's Fort is located in the Palakkad district of Kerala. This is one of the well preserved forts in Kerala under Archeological Survey of India which was built by Sultan Hyder Ali of Mysore. In 1790, The Fort was taken over and renovated by the British.

Palakkad Fort has great historical importance, and it also represents the rich cultural heritage of Kerala. Fort is not only worth visiting because of its historical importance, rather it has a pleasant ambience that encourages you to take a walk in the evenings.

History says that when the local ruler of Palakkad declared independence from the Zamorins of Calicut (Kozhikode), the Zamorins threatened an invasion to restore their lost possession. So the local ruler sought the help of the King of Mysore province (now a part of Karnataka state) against the Zamorin's invasion. Hyder Ali was deputed to help him and later all these areas came under his control. Hyder Ali in 1766 AD built this fort with the help of French engineers in Palakkad to facilitate Hyder's communication between both sides of the Western Ghats - Coimbatore and the West Coast which were by then under his control.

Palakkad Fort was also used as the military headquarters by Hyder Ali. In 1768, the British under Colonel Wood captured it from Hyder Ali and in that war the fort was damaged. But a few months later it was re-captured by Hyder Ali and it was reconstructed on a solid foundation. The British under Colonel Fullarton again re-captured it in 1783. When the British left, it fell into the hands of the Zamorins. Taking advantage of this, Tippu Sulthan's (Hyder Ali's Son) soldier's returned to capture the Fort. Due to a delay in the arrival of help dispatched by Colonel Fullerton, the Zamorin abandoned the Fort and the fort came under Tippu's control. In 1790, the British under Colonel Stuart captured the fort again and it was used as a base for the final onslaught on Srirangapatnam. Palakkad Fort, at present, is looked after by the Archaeological Survey of India.