Pazhayangadi Mosque

Pazhayangadi Mosque also known as Kondotty Mosque is a prominent pilgrimage centre of Muslim community in Kerala. Pazhayangadi Mosque is located 18 km east of Manjeri on the way to Malappuram. This 500 year old mosque is situated at Kondotty, which probably gives the name Kondotty Mosque. Pazhayangadi Mosque has a Mughal-like architecture; mosque has a beautiful white dome and meticulous filigree work. This mosque is associated with the Muslim Saint Muhammed Shah, who is popularly known as Kondotty Thangal.

The best time to visit the Pazhayangadi Mosque is during 'Valia Nercha' festival, spread over a span of three days in February-March. It is an important festival that draws large number of devotees.