Muzhappilangad Beach

Muzhappilangad beach is one of the longest beaches of Kerala situated at a distance of 15 kilometers from Kannur. The Muzhapilangad beach is the only drive-in beach of India where you can drive for a full four km, from Kannur to Tellicherry. The enchanting ambience of the beautiful Muzhappilangad beach invites one to swim, sunbathe, or just laze around. The beach is clean and well maintained and is one of the best places to hang around when in Kannur.

There are many tourist and locals comes for picnic or visit the place as a favorite weekend getaway where you can bath in the cascading waves and get the pleasure of being pampered by nature. The surrounding coconut groves strewn all along the beach promises a relaxed stay. In the evening the quiet atmosphere of the place is enlivened by Kathakali performances. Also Aqua-Tourism is one of the most significant characteristic of Kerala and Muzhappilangad beach is a distinctive spot to substantiate on this pivotal feature. Also from Muzhappilangad, one can view the Dharmadam Island or the Green Island.