The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

The Idukki wildlife sanctuary is located about 40 km from Thodupuzha in the Idukki district of Kerala. The Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over an area of 77 sq km situated at an altitude of 450-748 m above sea level; this sanctuary occupies the forest land between the Cheruthoni and Periyar rivers. There is a scenic lake around the sanctuary, covered by an enchanting canopy of tropical ever-green and deciduous trees, and offers boat rides. Elephants, bison, sambar deer, wild dogs, jungle cats, tiger, wild boar etc. are seen here apart from various species of snakes including cobra, viper, kraits and numerous non-poisonous ones. Among the birds, mynah, jungle fowl, black bulbul, laughing thrush, peafowl, woodpecker, kingfisher etc. are seen in abundance. This sanctuary lies adjacent to the world renowned Idukki Arch Dam. The lake on the three sides of the sanctuary offers a panoramic view to the tourists.