Marine Drive Kochi

Marine Drive a picturesque promenade in Kochi. Marine Drive is a long curving road along the seacoast of Kochi City which gives a breathtaking view of the Kochi backwaters and harbor. All boats starts from marine drive and this beautiful place is excellent for an evening or morning walk. There are two rain bow bridges on the way and some beautiful children parks with tiny toy trains are there by the side of this marine drive. Kochi houseboat service provides sighting seeing facility around Marine Drive Kochi. These boats can take you around the Kochi harbor, shipyard covering Chinese Fishing nets and some other important places. The view of the setting and rising sun over the sea mouth, and the gentle breeze from the Vembanad Lake has made Marine Drive an important tourist destination in Kochi. Hundreds of people visit the walkway during the evenings.