Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi in Kerala is one of the most significant monuments of Kerala. This town was shaped by the Portuguese, the Dutch and later the British. The result of these cultural influences is seen there. Fort Kochi port regarded as one of the most conspicuous trade centers in the Southern India and one of the most important towns of Kerala, has been immensely influenced by the culture of Europeans. Fort Kochi was ruled by the Dutch for about 112 years. The British then ruled over Kochi for 400 years. Kochi gained independence when India got freedom the British rule.

In the year 1503, the erstwhile king of Cochin gave appendage of the town to the Portuguese. The Portuguese erected a fort to preserve the premises thereby giving it the name of Fort Kochi. In the year 1516, the Portuguese built the wooden church which is now deemed as the oldest church of Kerala. It is the first European Church in India. This church is one of main tourist attraction of Fort Kochi, Kerala. Tourists to Fort Kochi still can see a crisscross fusion of European, Dutch and Portugal cultural and traditional heritage here.