Bhoothathankettu is a scenic dam site located 50 km north east of Ernakulam town, Kerala. Despite the fact that there is no rail route connecting Bhoothathankettu with other major or small towns and cities of Kerala, it is visited by people in large numbers. The nearest town of Kothamangalam is at least 10 km from here. Bhoothathankettu is a picturesque place with a dam surrounded by lush forests. The name of the place comes from a myth that says that this natural fortification of forests and hills was built by Bhoothams (spirit/ghosts) overnight. Hence got the name Bhoothathankettu (fort of the spirits). Once you arrived at Bhoothathankettu, there are various activities you can indulge in. An upriver houseboat trip can accommodate up to 20 people easily. You can also option for a ride on a speedboat, a tour of the jungle, rock climbing and fishing. Along with Bhoothathankettu, another place you can visit is the famous Salim Ali bird sanctuary, which is quite near from here. There is also a well-maintained Children’s Park.