Archaeological Museum Thrissur

Thrissur Archaeological Museum is located at Kollengode Palace is famous for its rare collection of artifacts. An interesting collection amongst the many artifacts is the "olagrandhangal", which are basically manuscripts written on dry palm leaves. It is interesting to note that most of the exhibits at the archaeological museum were recovered from the forests of Thrissur and Wayanad. The museum also has big life-size statues of famous and eminent personalities of the past. Thrissur museum also has models of ancient temples, monuments, etc. Also excavated items from Megalithic sites such as Urn burials, black and red wares and excavated items from Cheraman Parambu etc are also housed here.

The Government of Cochin started the Archaeological Museum, Thrissur as Sree Mulam Chithrasala (picture Gallery) in 1938. Mainly the collections of the museums are one year’s work of crafting of exact copies of mural paintings housed in Mattancherry palace and other temples of the former Cochin state. In 1948 an Archaeological Gallery was attached to the Picture Gallery in order to exhibit the archaeological materials unearthed by the Department of Archaeology of the Cochin state. The picture gallery and the archeological gallery both were shifted to a new building in 1975 and renamed as Thrissur Archaeological Museum.