Kerala Kalamandalam

Kerala Kalamandalam at Cheruthuruthy, 32 km north of Thrissur, near Shoranur Railway Junction. One of the most revered places for the traditional art forms of Kerala, is the only one in the state which is built outside a temple complex. Cheruthuruthy is a quaint little village located on the banks of river Bharathapuzha, in the northern edge of Kerala's Thrissur District. As a tourist destination, Cheruthuruthy is widely acclaimed for its cultural and social richness and for Kerala Kalamandalam. Vallathol Narayana Menon, the renowned Malayalam poet founded Kerala Kalamandalam at Cheruthuruthy, in 1930. It was Vallathol's immense love of Kathakali and similar dance forms of Kerala that urged him to establish the academy and save Kathakali and other stylized art forms from downfall. Over the years this unique institution has imparted training for Kathakali, Mohiniyattom, Kootiyattam, Panchavadyam, Thullal etc - following the ancient Gurukula system of education. Kerala Kalamandalam also provides training to master these art forms. In fact, a large number of internationally renowned artistes of Kerala as well as India, have got their training here.