Christmas in Kerala

The spirit of Christmas is evident in Kerala, with a large number of Christian populations in Kerala; Christmas is a festival that is celebrated with much vigor and enthusiasm in the state. Christianity has intermingled with the spirit and culture festivals of Kerala and has become the very own religion of many Keralites. There are several customs and ceremonies involved while celebrating Christmas festival in Kerala. To begin with there is the Christmas Star, the Christmas tree, the Crib, the creamy Christmas cake, presents and gifts wrapped in colorful papers and obviously Father Christmas or Santa Claus who is the prime draw for children. Santa Claus distributes candies and gifts to small children. People visit churches and cathedrals and offer their prayers. Home-made delicious cakes are served with traditional Kerala sweets and Christmas pudding making Christmas a traditional Festivals of Kerala. The Kerala houses lit with little clay lamps looks beautiful and reflect the happy spirit of Christmas in Kerala.