Kerala Boat Races

The boat races of Kerala form an important part of the tradition of folk arts. Kerala's winding stretches of backwater are famous for their native boat races, which are held in connection with Onam festival every year during the harvest season in the month of August or September. Kerala boat race event that takes place every year in many venues of Kerala but the races in Alappuzha held just before the Onam festival are the best known. Boat races of Kerala representing the unique cultural heritage and traditional inheritance of Kerala, the boat race of the state is one of the electrifying socio-cultural events of the state. The 50 m long wooden boats, each powered by over 100 oarsmen, attract the star attention as they slice through the waters - revived by songs and war cries - cheered by thousands of spectators line up the banks to cheer the huge black crafts as they slice through the waters to a spectacular finish.