Kerala Breakfast

Typical Kerala breakfast can be Puttu, Appam or Idli made with pounded rice flour. Almost every dish prepared in Kerala uses coconut milk or grated coconut.

Appam: Appam is the soft pancake made from toddy fermented rice batter, with a soft spongy middle, which is laced with crispy edges. It is generally consumed with either vegetable or chicken or mutton stew thoroughly mellowed with thick coconut milk and garnished with curry leaves.

Pootu: Rice flour bucks is laagered with gated coconut and steamed in hollow bamboo cylinder. It is eaten sprinkled with sugar or with mashed bananas or with a spicy curry made of channa or chic peas.

Idli: Idli is a very common South Indian Breakfast and is healthy. It is made from a fermented batter of rice and lentils. Idli is usually served with Hot Chutneys (Chammanthi) and Sambar.

Dosa: Dosas which are thin golden pancakes are popular in Kerala. They are made up of yeasty rice and lentil batter. They are not strictly Malayali food. They came across from the vegetarian kitchens then door in the State of Tamil Nadu.