Kerala Lunch Dishes

Kerala has a distinctive cuisine, very unusual from the rest of the world and not at all the way it is perceived i.e. really hot! On the contrary fascinating Kerala cuisine is mildly flavored, lightly cooked, and has a certain genteel delicacy on the stomach. Kerala food is generally fresh, aromatic and flavored. As Kerala is a rice producing state, Keralites thrive mostly on fish-and rice. Some of the most common ingredients of Kerala traditional food are Coconut, Chilly; Curry leaf, Mustard seed, Tamarind and Asafetida. Thus, the traditional Kerala dishes are a result of the mix of the local Kerala produce and the traditional expertise. Explore famous cuisines and traditional foods of Kerala. Get details of some of the popular main course dishes of Kerala.

Rice Main Course of Food: The essential ingredient of the daily diet is rice. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is some rice preparation or the other, served along with a variety of other side dishes.

Kerala Fish: Fish is consumed in a variety of ways - it is preserved after being dried and salted or cooked in delicious coconut gravy. Prawns, shrimps and crustaceans constitute some of the other famous delicacies. Fish preparations served along with a rice.

Sambar: Sambar is a cross between a sauce and a broth. It contains smashed lentils, cooked vegetables and apices including the exotic and edible resin asafoetida. For desert, there is the Pradhman or Payasam, porridge like sweets with a vermicelli of rice base, cooked in milk and sugar or jaggery.

Thoran: Thoranare gravy-less plates of finely chopped boiled vegetables and possibly meet and sea food. The mustard seed used in thorans gives them a pleasantly assertive flavour, while the lightly fried grated coconut adds the church.

Avial: Avial on the other hand, is mix vegetable gravy dish thickened with coconut and yoghurt. Drumsticks, jack fruit seeds and slices of mango are foten used.

Olen: Olen is also a very gravy dish made of ash gourd and drum beans where the predominant flavour is that of coconut milk. It is a fairly thick liquid squeeze out from the white flesh of a fresh coconut.

Thakaly Rasam: The hot Rasam, served after a delectable array of sweets, is a tangy deviation from the symphony of tastes and is poured on another serving of rice. The famous British 'Mulligatawny Soup' is said to have derived its flavour from Rasam. it is a mixture of chilly and pepper corns powders boiled in diluted tamarind juice. The pulissery is seasoned buttermilk with turmeric powder and green chillies. 'Moru' or plain sour buttermilk comes salted and with chopped green chillies and ginger.

Kaalen: Kaalen made using Banana and curd mixed with coconut paste and green chilly.

Pachadi: Main ingredients are Pumpkin, Coconut milk and curd with green chilly. A pleasing finish to the meal.

Tapica And Fish Curry: A costly, mouthwatering delicacy, it's a not- to- be-missed combination of 'Kappa' and 'Meen' curry'. With natural flavors erupting out of it liberally, the fish curry is made with garlic paste, onions and red chilies and seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves.