Thiruvathirakali, a very popular group dance form of Kerala performed by the women of Hindu community, often during festive seasons like Onam and the Thiruvathira day in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December- January). The dance is a celebration of marital fidelity and the female energy, for this is what brought Kamadeva (the god of love) back to life after he was reduced to ashes by the ire of Lord Siva.

The women adorn themselves in the best of traditional clothes and perform Thiruvathirakali Dance around a Nilavilakku (lamp). The dancers move in a circular pattern, accompanied by rhythmic clapping of the hands, to the tune of the Thiruvathira Pattu(songs). One of the performers sings the first line of the Thiruvathira Pattu while the rest repeat it in chorus. The songs are often narrations from the folk epics.

Today, Thiruvathirakali has become a popular dance form for all seasons.