About Kerala

Welcome to wonderful world blessed with breathtakingly beautiful backwaters, serene palm-fringed lovely beaches, green-carpeted rolling hills and superb scenic beauty of Indian state of Kerala. Kerala popularly known as "Gods own country", state named as one of top ten paradise of the world and one of the 50 must see destinations of a lifetime by National Geographic Traveler.

Must See and Do In Kerala

Kerala Backwaters: Kerala is its breathtaking backwaters which are a network of interconnected lakes, rivers, channels, canals, lagoons, and inlets with extraordinary scenic beauty... (read more)

Kerala Ayurvedic Massage: In Kerala apart from extra-ordinary natural beauty, the state is also known for Ayurveda, Kerala's ancient medical science... (read more)

Kerala Tourism

Kerala popularly known as "Gods own country", along the tropical Malabar Coast of southern tip of India, is one of the most beautiful states of India and globally famous for its pristine beauty of nature. In whatever part of the state you will travel, you find amazing attractions stealing your heart. (read more)

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